I don’t share. I don’t. [x]

All my ships in The 100:

Clarke x Bellamy
Clarke x Finn
Finn x Raven
Clarke x Raven
Octavia x Lincoln
Octavia x Jasper
Bellamy x Raven

Hanna Marin a season 5 summary

the 100 characters + personality traits

Passive agressively adorable

The 100 meme:

↳ [2/7] characters : Monty Green

"Not the way I wanna be loved, not the way you love Clarke."


Finn obviously cares more about Clarke and even though I ship them, I can’t stand watching Raven’s heart get broken. Finn is her only family and the look in her eyes just makes me wanna run to her and hug her.


you don’t choose who you ship, it just comes naturally without you realising, and before you know it you’re a crying mess on the floor.

kurtbastianlopez: "Ezra, Alison, Paige and Mona"

Fuck: Alison
Marry: Paige
Be best friends with: Mona ( she’s a psycho but she’s done so much for Hanna and she would probably kick everyone’s ass if they hurt me )
Kill: Ezra

send me four characters and i’ll tell you…


I’m 5 away from my goal yay :-)

sppemily: "Spencer, Emily, Aria, Hanna ;-)"

Fuck: Spencer
Marry: Emily
Be best friends with: Hanna
Kill: Aria (I don’t even feel sorry after last night’s episode)

send me four characters and i’ll tell you…